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My work is a collage of intimate narratives that thrive to expand the possibilities of experimental dance theater; utilizing a range of disciplines to create innovative methods of storytelling, I make work that is honest, not overly manipulated or refined; slices of life depicted as they really are. Through my choreographic process I investigate dance as an anthropological storytelling device through cultural, historical and modern day lenses.


Coming Down

Coming Down describes the abandonment of comfort and complacency to allow transformation. Created around a solo improvised movement score, Coming Down uses text by Cheryl McCall and music by Green-House to gently guide viewers into the narrative’s dreamlike atmosphere.

Fluffy Clouds

Fluffy Clouds is a kinetic short film that mimics a TV screensaver. Grounded in reality, while the world passes by. It has an inability to move or participate due to uncertain circumstances. Apathetically waiting to make sense and cease but instead fading into obscurity. However, the mundane nature of a screensaver and repetitious sound strips the piece of meaning and subverts any form of linear structure. 


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